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Thus, a dragon will be built

In October 2011, I hate a hospital stay with my right shoulder joint had to be Operates 3.Mal.
Since one in hospital so can lying around for some time useless, yet so many get some thoughts.
In my case, this is how:
You take a piece of paper and begins to draw. As the favorite subjects of mine are the Greiffögel and the dragon I design for the courses in January 2012 to start again 4/5 Dragons, including 2 pictures to be hung in the same hospital with the nurses in the room.
The others I'll take it home and make enlargements, which my colleagues are already more advanced, than make all objects in the art driving technique.
One of these objects I have now built itself as a whole dragon guarding the now in our gardens, the bridge over the pond.
The structure of the head is a synthetic way WHILE driving course created = FIGURE 1. I draw the body now to a zusammengekleptes paper and then on the copper sheet on which I start simultaneously with the friction work = IMAGE2 = FIG3.
In one day, the two halves of the body and also made the same assembled = FIG. 4 = FIG 5. Now it `s to be on the tail section, the Circular Curved and twisted Shown = Bild6 how to later see on the surface plate.
Beforehand but need the legs are made of 2 halves and assembled. = Bild7 = FIG. 8 = Bild9 FIG. 10 =
After assembly of the legs is the adaptation to the body, which is relatively quickly by itself. = Image11
The body is now the tail is still fitted and soldered = bild12
The dragon looks now slowly to recognize something that is made. The big wing and the wing arms are driven and adjusted anschliesend as finished parts at the dragon's body. = Fig.13 = Fig.14 = Bild15 = Bild16 = Fig.17 Fig.18 = course is the dragon on the right foot will be made from each ebnefalls a top and bottom half. Fig.19 =
The spines on its back are assembled in various sizes and of course always in 2 halves. The heel spur may also not be missed and is made in the same way as the dorsal spines.
The dragon is now ready and available for 11/2 weeks in the pond in my garden = Fig.20 Fig.21Änderungen rückgängig machenAlpha

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