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The flower arrangement in silver

Imagine that one day suddenly comes an email from the design agency Bless from Paris with the request, whether it was possible to faithfully recreate a bouquet of plastic in copper or other metals.

Quote of the Agency:
I have already inquired to you whether you could produce life-like flowers.
It would be a bouquet of sunflowers, daisy, palm leaf etc..
I have attached two pictures of the flowers that we need.
We could also send these artificial flowers as a template.
It would be great reproducing the flowers so real as possible.

Well, as we are now craft times, I wanted to first look at the photo to judge on whether I should accept the job offer or überhaubt. So I look at the delivered photos that I liked right away, it's.
= = Picture1 Picture2

I say now to the design agency and explain that it was no problem for me, such a bouquet of flowers to produce. After several emails with telephone inquiries about silvering, gilding, and changes to the object I can start working as soon as I sent the original is artificial.

The time begins to run slowly, because the flowers will be the end of August in Paris, but what about just now is times as the post comes after about two weeks (July 31) to me and I can see immediately that I was enormously disappointed in the view of the photo and the amount of work that the first photos looked a bit different than the now delivered Straus.
= = BILD31 BILD32
There are so many tiny little parts that made here must be assembled sanded and refined. I know right away that I will be enough just the scheduled time. So I started on the following Friday with the cutting and brazing of the flower stalk and integrated stem vases of the same.
Photo3 Photo4 = = = bild5
The first roses to be assembled and milled with Tremmel sheets are soldered to the twigs.
After a schilfgrasartige plant is made with a Blütenkräuel and fit.
Image6 = = = Fig.7 Fig.8

Now I can start with a kind of orchid. I cut and shape while the leaves, they will look like the original plastic, which I succeed right away, too.
Picture 9 = = = Figure 10 Photo 11

Now the first Orchid bud flowers made with inner temple. The corresponding leaves are also positioned and soldered.
Bild12 = = = Fig.13 Fig.14 = picture15

I decide to take the most difficult now to work on the flowers in attack and start with the 1mm flower stalks to get the tail as a small lump of copper, followed by the same to the original as best as possible. There are always three wires welded together, each placed a copper sphere of about 4-5mm and then assemble the 3 parts with 2 other parts. The image with the lighter shows the size of the flower stalk.
BILD16 = = = BILD17 Fig.18
All the parts are now back on so-called flower stems welded and assembled in a light Rundbogenform.
= = BILD19 BILD20

The bouquet is now slowly towards the final phase. The flowers of the orchids are cut, formed and welded together with the pistils. At the rear part still is a hook for the later wall welded and the whole is exhibiting for the first time as a whole work of art.
Fig.21 = = BILD22

The original flower Straus and Copper.
= = BILD23 BILD24

The further course for the silver plating is that the flowers will be cleaned only once and nachverkupfert to be inserted then into the silver bath.
On 15 August 2008 is the flowers finally finished, silver plated and ready to be sent to the design agency Bless in Paris.
BILD25 = = = BILD26 BILD27 BILD28 = = = BILD29 BILD30

Maybe once we get a picture of the end user of the bouquet has hung with him on the wall with the integrated real flowers.

Bless has also sent us pictures of where the Straus lit and loaded with flowers. Unfortunately, the photos are not Exposes so well.
= = BILD33 BILD34

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